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In February of 2016, I organized my first audience engagement event, The Bloody, Bloody Blood Drive to help promote Western Michigan Unversity's production of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson. By collaborating with The American Red Cross, we successfully filled all the available blood bags while students performed a cabaret to entertain those donating.  


For this project, I collaborated with our graphic designer to create an interactive sticker board titled "Which Witch Are You?". This was presented with directions, stickers, and descriptions of all the famous Witches you could put your own star on before a production of The Witches of Eastwick.


Everyone loves a good photo booth! To create this makeshift "booth" I purchased an iPad stand and holder, found a free photobooth app, and set up a branded backdrop with available props and hats. Patrons could walk right up and follow the directions presented on the iPad and take photos before each show.

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